CHAKOLAB Mug Cup 320ml


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CHAKOLAB Stainless Steel Mug Cup with Lid

Cup capacity: 320ml
Cup size: Φ8.8mm/height 8.6cm
product material:
Cup body (inner liner 316 stainless steel) cup outer layer (bright surface spray)
Garuru style (external electroplating + steel stamp)
Lid (Silicone) Handle (Plastic + Silicone)

Do not place on a rough table to avoid scratching the bottom of the cup.
The thermos cup cannot be placed in a microwave oven or heated on an open flame, and it cannot be washed in a dishwasher or sterilized in a cupboard for high-temperature baking, otherwise it may affect the airtightness of the thermos cup.
When filling milk, soy milk and other perishable drinks, be careful not to exceed 12H. Long-term sealed storage is easy to breed bacteria. Please clean it in time.
(About peculiar smell) It is normal for the brand-new cup to have a little smell. When the food-grade plastic and silicone parts are new, it is inevitable to have a little smell. taste.

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