About Bruno

A lifestyle brand created by gathering adults who are good at enjoying themselves. The BRUNO-style lifestyle is "unchangeable" and "fun-oriented". We offer a playful lifestyle to enjoy life in luxury.


The popular item "Compact Hot Plate" that excites home-cooked rice has sold more than 2 million units!

We are
pleased to announce that the "Compact Hot Plate", which is now on sale from the lifestyle brand "BRUNO" that enjoys adults, has sold more than 2 million units on August 31, 2020.

"Compact Hot Plate" was born in March 2014 as a new standard of tableware that colors the dining table, and has played a central role in the growth of the BRUNO brand.
BRUNO will continue to deliver "the joy of making, the joy of eating, and the happiness that surrounds the dining table" and create a pleasant lifestyle.

"2 million units commemorative project" implementation decision!
■ First: Novelty (9/10 ~) Limited quantity
per purchase of compact hot plate
! Original takoyaki pick & mini recipe book present!

■ 2nd: BRUNO fan site (10/1 ~) The
long-awaited BRUNO fan site is finally open!
Xmas limited products will be presented to commemorate the opening!

■ Third: Campaign
User participation type popular project is back⁈
Detailed information will be released in October. Have fun!

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